What is the Corporate Metaverse? Is it any good?

We’re noticing that many internauts first and foremost are actually looking for a definition of “Metaverse” – what is it, what is it good for, do I need one? In this post we will give you our answers to these questions.

First things first: ever since Facebook renamed themselves to “Meta” (read official announcement here) there is an incredible hype about the metaverse and whatever you read might be confusing, especially if fancy expressions like NFT or blockchain are thrown into the mix. It’s not that bad however, quite the opposite. The important thing is to keep a healthy distance to all the hype and don’t ever forget to actually think for yourself. You’ll be able to make up your own mind about the metaverse and its pros and cons.

To quickly address the question “Is it any good?”, here is our take:

  • Yes, we are convinced that there’s a huge potential in this technology. We have already proven that point for ourselves, with our own virtual showroom that has been extremely helpful in selling our products since it went live in March 2021.
  • No, we don’t think it’s for everyone or everything. At the end of the day we (the persons who work at Immensive) enjoy our real lives and hanging out together as much as possible in the physical world; we’re human beings and came about by evolution. Putting VR glasses before our eyes and immerse endlessly in fantasy-worlds might be fun for a while but it’s not something we believe our society should be pushing, certainy not in the way that Meta does it.